New Children’s Educational Quiz App Launches in the App Stores

Gi-Labs AS launches new children’s educational mobile app, Quiz For Kids, in the App Stores.

(Arendal, Norway) – Quiz For Kids, an educational children’s game for iPhone and iPad, and Android devices, uses a quiz format to teach kids about a variety of topics while entertaining them. Designed by Norwegian app developer, Tor Oyvind Fluor, Quiz For Kids is the second mobile app released by the company to focus on making education fun.

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“Quiz For Kids is different than other games because children learn from more than the questions–whether they get them right or wrong–they also learn from the graphics,” says Tor Oyvind Fluor, Founder and CEO of Gi-Labs AS.

The game’s easy-to-use interface allows children of all ages to interact easily with the game, while the icons that accompany the answer options reference classic films, geographical landmarks, and cultural norms. Five professional voice actors were cast to portray all the character’s wordings in this game, allowing it to be presented in English, French, German, Spanish and Norwegian.  The diversity of the culture represented within the game itself makes the game especially valuable, as children all over the world are exposed to the lifestyle and ideas of faraway places. And once a child has mastered the game in their native tongue, it can be an extremely beneficial language-teaching tool.

The game is divided into eight quiz categories: Wild Animals, Fairy Tales, Geography, Professions, Science, Food, Astronomy, and Mixed. Each category is made up of a variety of questions on the topic, ranging in difficulty.

“We worked very hard to make sure that the game was easy enough to be fun and challenging enough to help kids learn. There may even be a few questions Mom and Dad can’t answer,” said Fluor.

Quiz For Kids is currently available in iTunes for iPad and iPhone and Google Play for Android devices. For more information, visit or download the app in the App store today.

Tor Oyvind Fluor is a 35 year old independent developer from Arendal, Norway. He is married with three daughters and holds a master’s degree in informatics from The University of Oslo. After graduating, Fluor worked for eight years in the tech industry, and has spent the past six months working full time in his own company, Gi-Labs AS, and months creating Quiz For Kids.

Fluor’s first app, Little Wordsmith, was created for his oldest daughter, Hannah, when she showed an interest in learning how to read. His three daughters continue to serve as perpetual motivators in creating more practical, yet visually appealing educational apps.

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